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Introducing the New Face of is pleased to welcome nationally syndicated fitness columnist James Fell as co-founder and head of content creation.

I am not Bob Dole; I will not refer to myself in the third person.

This is fitness author James Fell, writing to you: Kind, intelligent, attractive reader.

Here we go.

Much like a farmer’s field is full of bovine droppings, the weight loss field is equally full.

I am a shovel.

Maybe I should go third person for a moment, because otherwise this is going to seem awfully conceited. Ah, screw it. Let’s just get this part over with.

I author the nationally syndicated column “In-Your-Face Fitness” for the Chicago Tribune. This column is read by millions each month and has featured interviews with the top researchers in the fields of obesity, nutrition and exercise science. Plus some celebrities.

On that note, I interview celebrities about their fitness regimens for the Los Angeles Times and these columns are frequently syndicated in other Tribune Newspapers. Just FYI, celebrities are a lot nicer than you think. Dorothy Hamill is a total sweetheart. Cesar Millan took time to have a chat with my daughter. Paul Stanley from KISS apologized for being four minutes late for our call because he was changing his baby daughter’s diaper.

I write for both women and men. In fact, I wonder if I have multiple personality disorder. I say this because I’m senior fitness columnist for both and, the latter being a women’s lifestyle site for the largest circulation

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magazine in Canada.

Yes, I am Canadian. I hate treadmills and run outside no matter if the temperature is hideous below zero. Being fit, healthy and looking good takes work. I don’t believe in quick fixes, miracle diets, magic pills, or secret ways to TURN YOUR BODY INTO A FAT INCINERATING BLAST FURNACE!!!!!

I have an MBA, which means I take a strategic, big picture view of how to make long-term changes to your lifestyle that lead to enhanced physical performance, improved health, and looking better. It also means I can’t operate a photocopier.

Speaking of looking better, this includes getting six pack abs if that’s your goal. But it doesn’t have to be your goal. At we’re “Hardcore and more.” Want to get ripped? That’s awesome, and we have the information on this site that will help you do it. But know that we have something for everyone. No matter your gender, level of fitness, body weight, genetics or goals, all are welcome here. Tell your friends.

I’m also a certified strength and conditioning specialist via the NSCA. The course was tough. I passed. Go me. It means that beyond that MBA big picture stuff, I know the tactical details of the “git ‘er done” of fitness and fat loss. Well, on that latter part I sometimes get help from a guy with a degree in nutrition. You can read about Dylan on the About page.

We’re going to be selling e-books on this site. They’re going to be awesome. And customized. And awesome. Make sure you get your FREE REPORT and subscribe so you know when they’re available.

Speaking of books, I published a fitness motivation e-book via AskMen. It spent the first few weeks at #1 in the “Men’s Health” category for Kindle on Amazon, and for a few days was even #1 for all books in that category. You can also get it for Kobo, B&N Nook and iTunes. Many of the buyers were female. I guess there are a lot of women who are tired of the group hug Oprah-ism approach to getting in shape. Speaking of which, we have a section on this site specifically for women.

And for those who find the “and more” end of the spectrum more appealing than the “Hardcore” part, know that I have a book coming from Random House in fall, 2013. The title is Lose it Right: A Brutally Honesty 3-Stage Program to Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind.

“Brutally Honest.” It’s what I’ve built my career around, and it’s what you’ll find at When my partners approached me to head up this site I was at first skeptical, because the term “six pack abs” is one that makes my bovine-dropping detector go berserk.

Turns out, these guys are just as skeptical about the crap in the fitness and weight loss field as I am, and they wanted the best, most ethical and hard-truth-telling fitness writer they could find to become the face of this site.

And that guy was busy, so they chose me.

If you’re curious about how I came to the attention of my partners, it was an article I wrote for AskMen called “The truth about six pack abs.” They were willing to forgive the fact that I only have a four pack. I like beer.

So, I guess that’s it. I’m here. I’m in charge of what goes on this site. You have been warned.

We put a bunch of my old articles that I thought were specifically relevant to this site to get things launched, but there is a lot of new stuff too. Moving forward, we’ll focus solely on totally fresh content that you can’t find anywhere else. We’ll be testing out some new writers too, so if you’re good, check out what we’re after.

This site has some exclusive celebrity interviews I’ll think you’ll enjoy, so check those out too. We’ll keep adding to this, and you can help us get more celebrities by helping our traffic numbers go up.

Hang on; this is about to get pathetic.

PLEASE “Like” and “Tweet” and email the holy hell out of the pages on this site. Tell everyone. Drive traffic here. Even if it’s hate traffic, we don’t care. We want eyeballs. The more traffic we get, the better this site is going to be, and we want it to be the very best.

So come hang for a while. Read stuff. Send us hate/fan/question mail. Get your free report. And don’t forget to come back often, because there is going to be new, exclusive content added all the time. is my new home. Make it yours too.

James S. Fell, CSCS, is the co-founder of James is a nationally syndicated fitness columnist for the Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times. His book, Lose It Right: A Brutally Honest 3-Stage Program to Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind is coming from Random House in Fall, 2013.

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