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Holy Hell, There’s a New 300 Movie Coming Out!

There is a new “300” movie coming out, so prepare yourself for a bunch more B.S. on how to get six pack abs.

Spartans! Prepare for marketing!

Google Trends is pretty cool. The first 300 movie came out in 2006, and in the following year there was a, ahem, 300 percent spike in searches for “six pack abs.” You can’t make this [expletive] up.

I’ll explain why in a moment, but first, This. Is. TRAILER!

The mega spike in six pack abs searches after the first 300 movie was helped along with fitness websites and magazines, all promising to provide the “secrets” of the “300 workout” and how to get muscularly ripped like the CGI-aided actors who valiantly saved humanity for all time from the evil, dark-skinned, barbaric, enslaving, too-much-jewelry-wearing hordes of the Persian empire. (Note: Sarcasm.)

And many of those articles were about as accurate in regards to how to achieve six pack abs as the movie was historically accurate.

And sure, we’ll capitalize on the buzz of the new movie here at, but we’ll actually give you solid, hype-free advice. So throw historical accuracy to the wind and go see the new Spartans slaying slavers movie (historical note: Spartans had slaves too), and then feel free to read an actual history book about what really happened, and then come here and get a further dose of reality on how to get, and sustain, a realistic body that is fit, healthy, high-performance, and looks great.

See you then.

James S. Fell, CSCS, is the co-founder of James is a nationally syndicated fitness columnist for the Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times. His book, Lose It Right: A Brutally Honest 3-Stage Program to Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind is coming from Random House in Fall, 2013.

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