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Lose it Right: A Brutally Honest 3-Stage Program to Help You Get Fit and Lose Weight Without Losing Your Mind is being published by Random House Canada on April 1, 2014.

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Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? The tortoise–slow and steady–won the race, right? So why, when it comes to weight loss and fitness, does everyone want to be the hare, speeding toward the finish line in a desperate attempt to drop pounds in record time? In Lose It Right, fitness consultant and writer James Fell offers the cold, hard truth about what you really need to do to lose weight and get fit.

In his trademark irreverent style, Fell offers a slow, steady and science-based approach to improving health that will motivate and inspire readers. He explains the critical role of exercise in adopting healthy eating behaviours, and provides a step-by-step road map for integrating exercise and making dietary changes. Through the Virtuous Cycle, a leveled eating and exercise program, Fell shows you how to gradually transform your health, the way your body performs, and the way you look.

With its big-picture approach to lifestyle planning, and its insistence that there are no quick fixes or miracle cures, Lose It Right will appeal to readers who suspect the tortoise was right: slow and steady really does win the race.

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Read an excerpt. Or, if you’re still not convinced you should get this book, read this.

Mission: Motivation

I wrote an e-book published by AskMen called Mission Motivation: A Realistic Guide to Getting and Staying Fit. It’s written for men, but a lot of women say they like it as well.

The book is about the science of diet and exercise motivation, and is full of realistic advice on life planning for physical fitness, including goal setting, time management, and strategic planning for a healthy lifestyle. And it doesn’t even cost much.

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