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Hypocrisy Alert!
We allow advertising on this site. One day, I hope to banish all such ads, but for now, it gives us the revenue we need to keep it running. Unfortunately, due to the way the ad serving works, it’s hard to block out the crap.

We block it, but they use multiple URLs, so it’s like shovelling your sidewalk during a snowstorm. And so, you’ll see ads for things like Six Pack Shortcuts, Jillian Michaels, some scammy rapid weight loss junk, and even pills and powders. PLEASE, don’t click on any of that.

There are good ads too, like for the Great Wall of China Marathon, hockey equipment, and the TRX. Feel free to click away on that stuff.

Bring on the Brutal Honesty
This website is owned and operated by a group of people who put honesty and realism above all else. The content of SixPackAbs.com is either written or directly approved by me, James Fell, and you should know I’ve made a career out of shoveling aside the sewage.

Sure, anyone can cry: Listen to me – I’m HONEST! Well, I can actually prove it. See, I’m a syndicated fitness columnist for the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times. My fitness columns run in dozens of major newspapers across North America, read by millions of people every month. It’s fitness journalism: busting myths, exposing frauds and, above all else, digging for the truth. I’ve had hundreds of articles published in major media that do all that and more: They provide realistic advice for getting and staying in shape.

I am a certified strength and conditioning specialist, and am also senior fitness columnist for AskMen.com, and head fitness expert for the women’s lifestyle magazine Chatelaine. Yes, women read my stuff. All are welcome at SixPackAbs.com. We have a section for women and there is plenty of “flat belly” information here if that’s your goal.

The Nutrition Guy

We’ve brought in an expert to consult on the nutrition content for this site (recommended to me by my friend Alan Aragon – one of the greatest nutrition minds out there). Experienced in private nutrition consulting, his name is Dylan Klein. Dylan has a BSc. in nutritional sciences / dietetics from Rutgers University, where he was head nutritionist for Rutgers Army ROTC and assistant nutritionist for Rutgers Football. Check out Dylan’s site “Calories in Context”.

We won’t sell supplements at this site. We won’t promise fast results or secret weight loss magic. We don’t do quick and we don’t do easy. We do realistic, achievable, and science-based. We embrace hardcore, but advocate taking your time getting there.

Six-pack abs are not attainable for everyone. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get excellent results from the advice we have to offer. Achieving six pack abs is hard. Hell, I keep my belly at more of a four-pack because I’m too fond of drinking six packs of English brown ale to be fully ripped. This is about finding and sustaining your own personal level of “good enough.”

Want to get ripped? Are you dedicated to making it happen? Awesome! We’ve got the plan. It’s going to take work, and even if you only make it 80% of the way and get a nice, flat belly with a hint of abdominal definition, is this not still awesome? You’re leaner, healthier, have more energy and drive; you’ve transformed your body into a higher performance machine. Yes, still awesome.

Our Approach

We believe the best way to get lean is via the indirect method. We advocate an approach that is based on one-third vanity, one-third improving physical performance, and one-third health. All of our advice is mutually inclusive for these three types of goals. We will never advocate a way to get lean that sacrifices your physical performance or wellbeing. We want to help you get lean the healthy, sustainable way by focusing on making your body work better, get faster, be stronger.

Free Report

I started with talk of money. We’re working on some customized e-books that we think you’ll want to buy. In the meantime, enjoy all the free content we have on the site, and be sure to get your FREE Fat Loss Report.

In return for the free stuff, I’ll ask a favor: If you see something you like on this site, share it with others. Use those social media functions and help spread the brutal honesty.

And please follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter.

If you’re bored, you can learn more than you’d ever want to about me at www.BodyForWife.com.

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